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Gutters & Gutter Covers


What does the term "seamless gutters" mean? - It means, simply, that our gutters are made on the jobsite using a special machine that makes gutters out of flat coil stock. The only other option is to purchase pre manufactured gutters that come in fixed lengths. The fixed lengths never match the dimensions of the house which means that joints, or seams, have to be made to allow the gutters to fit the house. These joints are weak spots that can leak. Our gutters are made to fit the dimensions of your house without "seams".



How are the gutters installed? - It depends on the construction of your house. If you have a "fascia" board at the edge of your roof (a fascia board is a vertical board nailed to the bottom edge of your roof), we will use a special hanger that uses a special screw to attach firmly to your roof edge. We do not use "spike and ferrules" which are long aluminum nails that are driven through the lip of the gutter. Spikes and ferrules loosen up over time with the expansion and contraction of the gutters allowing the gutters to fall off the house. If you do not have a fascia board, we may have to use "roof hangers" which are supports that extend up on top of the shingles.

Are gutters guaranteed? - We will guaranty that your gutters are properly installed and leak free after installation. In our climate, though, gutters can take a beating with the build up of ice in severe winter weather. We cannot guaranty that gutters will not be damaged by this ice build up. No gutter system is immune from this damage.

How important is it to slope the gutters toward the drain? - Several decades ago, when gutters were usually made out of galvanized steel, it was important to grade the gutters so there was no standing water to create corrosion. Today, with aluminum gutters that do not corrode, some standing water is not a problem. Many houses have irregular roof edges and edges that are not level. We will adjust the slope of the gutters to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible following the existing edge of the roof whether it is level or not. This may result in some standing water which is not a problem

Will you dispose of my old gutters? - Of course. The salvage value of old aluminum is minimal.. If you would like to keep your old gutters for salvage value, please do. Our disposal is included with the job.

How do I get an estimate for new gutters? - Just contact us.

Thanks for your prompt service in the gutters, I like the job you did it
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